What are burnt ends

What Are Burnt Ends? A BBQ Primer

Burnt ends have become popular in Texas and other American barbecue hubs but their history is in Kansas City. They have always been associated with Kansas City barbecue and continue to be a crucial part of that community’s food culture. They are exactly what their name suggests — the heavily charred exterior portions of a … Read more

Beef Cuts

Beef Cuts 101: What You Need To Know

A cow’s carcass is divided into major cuts called primal cuts, which are subdivided into subprimal cuts. Here is a look at beef primal cuts and what each has to offer. Tongue The tongue cut is from the head part of the cow as you might expect. It has a high fat content and a … Read more

Medium Rare Steak

Steak Temps 101: The What And How

A quality steak that is cooked correctly is widely considered to be the best type of meat. One of the biggest hurdles that most amateur steak cooks have to overcome is cooking it correctly which requires them to judge doneness. The difference between undercooked and leathery can be very difficult to discern without a lot … Read more

What is Corned Beef

What Is Corned Beef? The Story Behind The Meat

What is corned beef? That question has an easy answer: it’s beef cured with salt. The beef used to make corned beef usually comes from the brisket, which is a cut from the front half of the cow’s body. The corn part of the name doesn’t have anything to do with the grain corn; instead, … Read more