Compound butter for steaks

What Are Good Compound Butter Flavors For Steak?

Compound butter is whipped seasoned butter. It’s a great way to combine the flavors of herbs and spices with the richness of butter. Compound butters can work with many different kinds of food but are an especially valuable addition to steak. Butter on its own has long been used to finish steaks. Fat and steak … Read more

Barbecue Sauce Too Spicy

Is Your Barbecue Sauce Too Spicy? Try These Fixes

Barbecue sauce can be mild or spicy and the heat in a hot barbecue sauce can come from black pepper or chili peppers. Regardless of where the heat comes from, it is possible to add too much spice and wind up with something excessively hot. If your barbecue sauce is too spicy, there are steps … Read more

What is reverse searing?

What Is Reverse Searing? A BBQ Primer

Reverse searing is the technique of searing meat with direct heat after cooking it over indirect heat. What makes it reverse searing as opposed to just regular searing is the point in the cooking process at which it is done. Usually, searing and indirect heat are applied the other way around. Conventional practice for barbecue … Read more