Types of smokers

Five Types Of Smokers You Should Know

A smoker is designed to cook at low temperatures and to impart the flavor of wood smoke into food. There are many different smoker styles and sizes at a variety of price points. We cover the five types you should know (with pros and cons for each) before you make any smoker buying decisions. Vertical … Read more

What is an offset smoker?

What Is A Offset Smoker? A BBQ Primer

The offset smoker has the traditional and most recognizable smoker design. It features a long main smoking chamber with a firebox on one side and — in most cases — a chimney on the other. How an offset smoker works Food is cooked in the smoking chamber. The smoke and heat for cooking are both … Read more

Stop Food Sticking to Grill Grates

Six Tips To Stop Food Sticking To Grill Grates

Food sticking to grill grates has been the bane of every grill chef’s existence at one point or another. Certain foods are more likely to stick than others. It’s a preventable problem if you know a few tricks. Here are some tips to prevent food sticking to your grill. Clean your grates A dirty grill … Read more

what is a cold smoker

What Is A Cold Smoker? A Primer

Smoke is an excellent food preservative that has been in use for much of human history. Smoke from hardwoods like hickory and oak has both the ability to flavor meat and to create a barrier to bacteria that might cause the meat to spoil. Smoking is still a valuable tool, though modern smoking has more to do with flavor than with preservation. There are two main ways to smoke meat—hot smoking and cold smoking. Hot smoking is what barbecue chefs do with standard grills and smokers. Cold smoking is a little trickier. Cold smoking involves smoking meat at the lowest temperatures possible, the trickiness comes from ensuring that the meat gets an adequate amount of smoke while also maintaining the low temperature. A cold smoker is a smoker designed for this type of smoking.

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smoker pellets vs wood chips

Smoker Pellets Vs. Wood Chips: BBQ Showdown

Smoker pellets and wood chips are two of the most accessible and popular options for smoking food. They are two relatively modern twists on the use of smoke to preserve and flavor foods. In both cases, the basic principle remains the same—fire is applied to the fuel and smoke is produced; however, there are a couple of important differences between these two hardwood products. Let’s take a look at how they compare to each other.

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