Cooking low and slow

Cooking Low And Slow: The What And Why

You have many options when it comes to cooking meat, they typically fall into one of two categories: hot and fast or low and slow. When it comes to barbecue, the low and slow method is preferred by barbecue aficionados. What does it mean to cook low and slow? The phrase means exactly what it … Read more

Medium Rare Steak

Steak Temps 101: The What And How

A quality steak that is cooked correctly is widely considered to be the best type of meat. One of the biggest hurdles that most amateur steak cooks have to overcome is cooking it correctly which requires them to judge doneness. The difference between undercooked and leathery can be very difficult to discern without a lot … Read more

BBQ sauce too sweet

BBQ Sauce Too Sweet? Here Are Some Fixes

Barbecue sauce made in the Kansas City style is supposed to be sweet with a flavor profile that depends heavily on brown sugar and ketchup. It is easy to go overboard make something that is too sugary to be enjoyable. If you find that you have added too much brown sugar or some other sweetener … Read more

Cooking with Liquid Smoke

Cooking With Liquid Smoke: The Dos and Don’ts

Liquid smoke is a byproduct of burning wood, so it is a natural product with flavors that come from real wood. You can get different flavors of liquid smoke that represent the flavors of different woods including pecan and hickory. Liquid smoke is viewed mainly as a convenience product. It is an easy way to … Read more

Steak too salty

Steak Too Salty? Fix It With These Tips

The ways that you can wind up with an over-salted steak include using too much salt and using a fine-grained salt. If you used a fine-grained salt, the grains break down too quickly on the steak‚Äôs surface and are absorbed into the meat. Your steak becomes unpalatable as a result. Like any excessive flavor, there … Read more