Direct vs. Indirect Grilling

Direct Vs. Indirect Grilling: BBQ Showdown

Direct heat and indirect heat are two terms that you often hear discussed in barbecue circles. What do they mean? Are both referring to the same thing? In this BBQ Showdown, we will tell you how these two cooking methods compare to each other. How does direct heat differ from indirect heat? While direct and … Read more

Cracklings vs Pork Rinds

Cracklings Vs. Pork Rinds: BBQ Showdown

Cracklings and pork rinds most likely originated with the process of making lard. They both consist of fried pieces of pork, even though the two terms refer to different pork products. Knowing which to use for a given application may be difficult if you are unfamiliar with what cracklings and pork rinds are. Here is … Read more

Sirloin vs tenderloin

Sirloin Vs. Tenderloin: BBQ Showdown

Sirloin and tenderloin are two of best-known steaks and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. While the two cuts are similar in some respects, they are also very different in others. Which of them you choose depends on your dietary preferences and your budget. Below, we will look at the differences between these cuts … Read more

hot smoking vs cold smoking

Hot Smoking Vs. Cold Smoking: BBQ Showdown

Despite the fact that hot and cold smoking both have the word smoking in the name, they are two different processes. One is for preservation and flavor and the other is a cooking method. If you are trying to choose which one to use, consider the following factors when making your decision. How does cold … Read more

beef tenderloin

Beef Tenderloin Vs. Filet Mignon: BBQ Showdown

Beef tenderloin and filet mignon are both well-regarded among steak fans. They are a couple of the more popular options on the menus of many upscale restaurants; however, you may have some trouble choosing between them unless you have a lot of experience shopping for steaks. The following look at how beef tenderloin and filet … Read more