Types of smokers

Five Types Of Smokers You Should Know

A smoker is designed to cook at low temperatures and to impart the flavor of wood smoke into food. There are many different smoker styles and sizes at a variety of price points. We cover the five types you should know (with pros and cons for each) before you make any smoker buying decisions. Vertical … Read more

Cooking hot and fast

Cooking Hot And Fast: The What And Why

Barbecue fans have strong opinions about what is considered good barbecue. The common wisdom is that cooking times and temperatures are among the criteria that distinguish good barbecue from the bad. Hot and fast is not traditionally considered good barbecue; instead, many barbecue enthusiasts consider it grilling. Only low and slow is the real barbecue … Read more

Cooking low and slow

Cooking Low And Slow: The What And Why

You have many options when it comes to cooking meat, they typically fall into one of two categories: hot and fast or low and slow. When it comes to barbecue, the low and slow method is preferred by barbecue aficionados. What does it mean to cook low and slow? The phrase means exactly what it … Read more

Medium Rare Steak

Steak Temps 101: The What And How

A quality steak that is cooked correctly is widely considered to be the best type of meat. One of the biggest hurdles that most amateur steak cooks have to overcome is cooking it correctly which requires them to judge doneness. The difference between undercooked and leathery can be very difficult to discern without a lot … Read more

What is an offset smoker?

What Is A Offset Smoker? A BBQ Primer

The offset smoker has the traditional and most recognizable smoker design. It features a long main smoking chamber with a firebox on one side and — in most cases — a chimney on the other. How an offset smoker works Food is cooked in the smoking chamber. The smoke and heat for cooking are both … Read more