Benefits Of Spicy Food: A Longer, Healthier, Happier Life

Sure, some people don’t like overly spicy foods. Their smell hurts the nostrils, they burn the tongue and lips, they make eyes teary, and the sweat…well, that’s the kicker for most.  Yet there are many out there that love these fiery flavors, and along with the tastes, they reap a lot of health benefits for having them as part of their standard diet.

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Best Grill Pan Options To Spice Up Your Indoor Cooking

Don’t let bad weather stop you from getting your grill on!

When the temperature drops or the rain won’t stop, it can be hard to work up the intestinal fortitude to head outside and spark up the grill. Rain or snow should not keep a chef from cooking up his or her favorite flame-grilled meal. There is no better way to get the same barbecued look and flavor indoors than a grill pan. Here are some of the best grill pan options below, ranging from big to biggest to cover your family indoor grilling needs: 

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What Is Barbecue? A Quick Review Of BBQ In America

Barbecue has long been a popular part of American food culture.

But what is barbecue exactly?

While many people may think they know the answer to this question, they may be surprised to learn some of the details of barbecue history and how unique barbecue can be from region to region. It’s one of the more complex American cuisines around.

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What Makes Peppers Hot? Capsaicin And Beyond

Chili peppers are some of the fieriest flavors on the planet, but what gives them their heat?

What makes peppers hot (or hotter) when compared to another pepper?

Like the complexity of grapes for wines, there are a lot of nuances in the world of chilies that help create these extreme heats. In fact two peppers of the same type (even from the same plant) can have big differences in spiciness. We’ll touch on many, but let’s start with the one spicy compound that binds them all: capsaicin.

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What Is Cinnamon?

If you’ve only ever tried processed powdered cinnamon you may be thinking “Is cinnamon really spicy?”, but give a cinnamon stick a shot or try some fiery cinnamon candies. It can be as spicy as some of the milder hot peppers easily.

So what is cinnamon exactly and what gives it its surprising kick? There’s a lot to this staple spice that you may not have realized, including the fact that you’re topping your cappuccino with tree bark.

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