What’s A Good Horseradish Substitute?

Horseradish – especially fresh horseradish – is a favorite condiment among foodies, especially those that love a little spice in their life. But what’s a person to do if the fresh stuff has run out in the kitchen? There are plenty of other condiments that can easily take over as a horseradish substitute for a day or two until you get a chance to head to the grocery store. Take a look at four of your best options below.

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How To Eat Spicy Food: A Daring Guide

Time to train those tastebuds

Spicy foods enjoy high popularity throughout much of the world. From peppery Louisiana barbecue sauce coating a rack of ribs to wasabi used to compliment your sushi, you’re likely to encounter spicy food when perusing different cultural cuisines. Unfortunately, many are unsure of how to eat spicy food and enjoy it due to the sweating, runny nose, and intense mouth burn that ensues. This could be due to having a highly sensitive palate or simply being unsure of what to expect if spicy foods are unfamiliar. Never to fear though because there are various methods one can employ to enjoy the bold flavor that spicy foods offer.

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Want The Best Indoor Grill? Top Options No Matter Your Need

The great taste of outdoors inside…

Ever have one of those days where you’d love some barbecue flavor, but you don’t have time to light up the grill or the weather won’t allow it? These are the moments where an indoor grill makes all the difference. You can still create your favorite grill recipes in no time at all, right in your kitchen. Plus, clean up is a breeze compared to the typical outdoor grill scrubbing.

Now, you ask, what’s the best indoor grill? There are many to choose from, but here’s some of the most favorite options around. Each does something particularly well, so choose the one best for you!

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How To Marinate For The Tastiest Spicy Flavors

There are two common views on marinades. One camp says creating a good marinade is a mysterious process, mastered by a select few. The other insists you can throw together whatever spices and liquids are in your kitchen and get good results. The truth about how to marinate for bold, flavorful results lies somewhere in the middle. Creating a good marinade doesn’t have to be complicated, but a little planning and understanding of how marinades work will bring excellent results.

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Craving Spicy Food

Craving Spicy Food? Here May Be Why…

What it might mean when you crave something spicy

Food cravings are crazy. Your body simply wants…it craves, and it can seemingly come from nowhere. “Seemingly”, though, is the key term here. There’s always a reason your body craves.

A craving can be your body’s way of getting you to ingest specific nutrients that are running low or getting out of balance. Cravings might also be alerting you to certain health problems or it may simply be your body wanting a specific side effect of the food. There are many possible reasons why a person would be craving spicy food like hot peppers and horseradish that cut across all of these possibilities.

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