The Best BBQ Books To Fire Up Your Skills

Learn how barbecue like a pro!

Barbecuing is an American tradition, one which most of us can’t seem to get enough of. No matter what the season, that smoky, fiery flavor calls to us. Of course, we could all use some pointers to increase our skills and master new recipes. If you want to improve your grilling game, one (or all!) of these top BBQ books is sure to help.

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How Hot Is A Habanero Pepper?

Spicy food fans know the name well.

The habanero. It’s a cornerstone chili – the spicy gatekeeper to the hottest peppers on the Scoville scale. But how hot is hot? How hot is a habanero pepper compared to other popular chilies? They sell them in many supermarkets, so how spicy could they really be? Let’s break that heat down.

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How to Stop Those Pesky Spicy Food Hiccups

There can be many physical consequences that come with eating spicy foods.

But along with tears forming in the eyes and a burning mouth, people may not realize that hiccups can often occur if you indulge in a bite of something particularly pungent. From Mexican food to spicy Italian dishes, meals with hot spices or peppers can easily cause your diaphragm to start working overtime as you come down with the case of the hiccups.

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BBQ Sauce Gift Sets With A Fiery Kick

Add an extra kick to your flame-grilled meal.

If you are a lover of all things hot and spicy, there’s nothing more satisfying than a fiery sauce. Whether it’s chicken, steak, pork, or even vegetables that you’re grilling up, a smothering of spicy sauce will give it that extra kick to get your mouth watering. While you may already have your favorite spicy BBQ sauce chosen, why not try something new?

The best way to experiment with spicy flavors is with BBQ sauce gift sets. They give you a chance to try lots of sauce styles, typically at a discounted rate. And of course they make excellent BBQ gifts too for your spicy food loving friends! Here are some great sets with a fiery kick to spice up any grilled meal.

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