Add Smoky Flavor

Five Ingredients That Add Smoky Flavor To Your Food

No Smoker? No Problem.

You can bring that smoky flavor to your food in many other ways, no smoker needed. In fact, your cabinet may already contain  flavoring and spice alternatives that can bring that earthy richness to life in nearly any dish. Here are our five favorite smoky ingredients for when good old-fashioned smoking is just not an option.

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Five Of The Best Steaks To Grill

Nothing beats the smell of charred meat on a beautiful day.

Whether you are entertaining or just want a special treat, it’s always a good idea to fire up the barbecue. Steaks are an all time favorite, but not all cuts of meat grill the same. Here are the five best steaks to grill to get the absolute best flavors out of your grilled meat.

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Choosing The Best BBQ Thermometer For Your Style

Three of the Best Grilling Thermometers…

If you are serious about your barbecuing and grilling, you will need the appropriate tools to help you master your hobby. The right cooking ingredients are always important, but never underestimate how useful supplementing tools, such as a BBQ thermometer, can be. A good thermometer will help you stay on top of the internal temperature inside your meat, helping you prepare it exactly the way you want. If you are not sure where to begin shopping, these three are among the best BBQ thermometer options that you can choose.

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How To Grill Steaks – Spicy Style

When it is correctly prepared, a properly seasoned grilled steak is the perfect piece of meat from its deep brown crust right down to its juicy, tender interior. No one likes an overcooked, bland steak; however, there are many ways for you to wind up with exactly that.

The apparent simplicity of cooking a steak is deceptive. While grilling the perfect steak may seem simple, there all sorts of mistakes that you can make. Below are our instructions on how to grill steaks with the perfect steakhouse crust and, of course, the fiery flavors that you love.

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