What Are USDA Beef Grades

What Are USDA Beef Grades?

Beef grading in the US is a voluntary system of setting standards for beef quality. Beef packers pay the United States Department of Agriculture to grade their meat. The USDA has eight grades of beef. They are: Prime Choice Select Commercial Standard Utility Cutter Canner Most of the beef that we consume is in the … Read more

What is reverse searing?

What Is Reverse Searing? A BBQ Primer

Reverse searing is the technique of searing meat with direct heat after cooking it over indirect heat. What makes it reverse searing as opposed to just regular searing is the point in the cooking process at which it is done. Usually, searing and indirect heat are applied the other way around. Conventional practice for barbecue … Read more

Direct vs. Indirect Grilling

Direct Vs. Indirect Grilling: BBQ Showdown

Direct heat and indirect heat are two terms that you often hear discussed in barbecue circles. What do they mean? Are both referring to the same thing? In this BBQ Showdown, we will tell you how these two cooking methods compare to each other. How does direct heat differ from indirect heat? While direct and … Read more

Beef Cuts

Beef Cuts 101: What You Need To Know

A cow’s carcass is divided into major cuts called primal cuts, which are subdivided into subprimal cuts. Here is a look at beef primal cuts and what each has to offer. Tongue The tongue cut is from the head part of the cow as you might expect. It has a high fat content and a … Read more

Barbecue sauce ingredients

Seven Of The Most Common Barbecue Sauce Ingredients

Barbecue sauce is not essential to barbecue, according to purists; however, most people are not purists when it comes to barbecue. Barbecue sauce is widely used both for barbecue and as a condiment. It is good for more than just covering up mistakes, it helps to provide moisture and enhances smoky and meaty flavors. If … Read more