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Pecan Wood Chips Guide: Mildly Sweet And Nutty

Pecan wood is classified as a hardwood, which means that it is denser than softwoods. That density allows it to last for longer when it is being used to smoke meats. Because hardwoods like pecan are not as resinous as softwoods like pine and fir, they burn much cleaner. The cleaner burning refers to the fact that the smoke does not leave a thick, sooty film on foods. That film can cause serious illnesses in addition to giving foods an unpleasant taste. Pecan wood gives off a light blue smoke like other hardwoods.

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Alder Wood Chips Guide: Mild And Sweet

Alder wood is not one of the woods you typically hear mentioned in arguments about smoking woods. Usually, the debate is reserved for hickory, mesquite, and sometimes apple wood. Best known for its use as a furniture wood, alder wood is classified as a hardwood. As a hardwood, it has the ideal characteristics for smoking foods. Like all hardwoods, it provides long lasting smoke without much soot. Soft woods contain resin, which means that they create a denser smoke along with soot that will coat foods and that may cause illness. The smoke from hardwoods like alder is pale and bluish.

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