Sirloin Steak

Ribeye Vs. Sirloin Steak: BBQ Showdown

Cost, flavor, and tenderness are three of the factors to consider when deciding between different steaks. It is difficult to find a steak that offers a low cost while still being tender and flavorful. These factors also come into play when comparing two popular cuts—ribeye steaks and sirloin steaks. In this BBQ Showdown, we’ll see how these two cuts rank against each other and how each of them can be better than the other in certain situations.

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turkey bacon vs pork bacon

Turkey Bacon Vs. Pork Bacon: BBQ Showdown

Turkey bacon and pork bacon are both viable options for breakfast meats and both can be used in a variety of dishes. Pork bacon is the traditional option, with the turkey version being the more modern imitation of it. Choosing between the two  – especially for BBQ purposes – will involve considering a range of factors, the most important of which we will consider below in another Fiery Flavors BBQ Showdown.

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