types of charcoal

Know Your BBQ Fuel: Three Types Of Charcoal

Charcoal is one of the earliest technological achievements in human history. Making it involves burning wood to eliminate everything but pure carbon. Carbon burns hotter and more cleanly than wood, which makes charcoal arguably the best fuel for grilling food. There are different types of charcoal, each with its own pros and cons. Let’s take a look of three of the most popular options. 

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charcoal vs gas grill

Charcoal Vs. Gas Grill: BBQ Showdown

When it comes to American food culture, there are few topics that are debated more passionately than the type of fuel you use in your grill. Choosing one over the other puts on one side of a great divide and guarantees that someone, somewhere will disapprove of you and your food. How great is the difference between gas and charcoal, really? What are the benefits of each? We will answer these and other questions below in another BBQ Showdown.

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