What Is Charcoal Made Of

What Is Charcoal Made Of?

Charcoal burns cleaner and hotter than wood. It contains more energy than wood as well. This is because it consists mostly of carbon; the process of making it involves burning everything else off. The basic method used to make charcoal is pre historic and there is evidence that charcoal was being used to fuel blast furnaces as far back as 6000 years ago. What is charcoal made from? How is charcoal made? These and other questions answered below.

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gas grill

Infrared Grill Vs. Gas Grill: BBQ Showdown

Gas grills have been around for a long time and are among the popular options for grilling. Gas grills have been marketed as an easier way to grill when compared to charcoal grills. Infrared is a newer option that aims to do away with some of the drawbacks of both gas and charcoal grilling. What are the pros and cons of each? Is one easier to use than the other? Below are answers to these and other questions as we look at infrared grills vs. gas grills in another BBQ Showdown.

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how much charcoal to use

How Much Charcoal To Use For Great Barbecue Flavor

Charcoal grilling can offer more flavor and higher temperatures, but what it does not offer is an obvious way to control the heat or burning time. With gas grills, temp control is simple in that all you have to do is turn the knobs; with charcoal, heat-control is not as simple.

The principle that you have to keep in mind when cooking with charcoal is that using more coals results in a hotter temperature. While this is generally true, there are several other factors that can affect how hot your grill gets and how long it stays at a particular temperature.

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cleaning grill grates

Cleaning Grill Grates: Dos And Don’ts

The state of your grill grates has a direct impact on the taste and appearance of your food as well as the ease of grilling. Dirty grill grates can lead to flare-ups, or they might leave pieces of carbon on your food.

Cleaning your grill grates is essential, but not every cleaning method is effective. If you go about it in the wrong way, you could actually wind up damaging them.┬áConsider the following dos and don’ts of cleaning grill grates.

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lump charcoal vs briquettes

Lump Charcoal Vs. Briquettes: BBQ Showdown

The virtues of lump charcoal versus those of briquettes constitute what is perhaps the second greatest division among barbecue aficionados. The only more passionately debated topic is the question of charcoal vs. gas. If you are new to charcoal grilling, this will likely be the first decision that you will have to make. What are the differences between these two types of fuel? How do they stack up with regard to burn time and flavor? These and other questions will be answered below.

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