What Is Cinnamon?

If you’ve only ever tried processed powdered cinnamon you may be thinking “Is cinnamon really spicy?”, but give a cinnamon stick a shot or try some fiery cinnamon candies. It can be as spicy as some of the milder hot peppers easily.

So what is cinnamon exactly and what gives it its surprising kick? There’s a lot to this staple spice that you may not have realized, including the fact that you’re topping your cappuccino with tree bark.

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What Is Horseradish?

You likely know it as the spicy white condiment that you slather on a sandwich, roast beef or prime rib for a real kick. But how much more do you know? Horseradish has quite a following, and yet if you ask many people what it is, they’ll likely have no real idea.

This is one fiery food that shows up in more places than you likely realize, and in spite of its name, it has little to do with horses or radishes, at least in the way that we think of them. We’ll help make sense of that too. Let’s explore horseradish.

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What Is Ginger?

Talk about a spice that’s everywhere. From beverages like ginger ale and ginger beer to Thai dishes and sushi, ginger is all around us. But for all you see it, how much do you know about it? What is ginger, and how spicy is it? Are there differences between the ground ginger powder and fresh shaved ginger? Is ginger healthy?

Get ready for a few surprises, as ginger takes on different flavors depending on the form you’re eating. And some are spicier than others. 

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What Is Wasabi?

When you hear the word “wasabi”, you likely first think of sushi or wasabi peas.

It’s that spicy green paste that comes next to the ginger or the powder that coats that crunchy snack. But what is wasabi really? How hot is it? And can you find it easily in stores?

The answers will surprise you. In fact, unless you’re in Japan, a gourmet store, or a high-end restaurant, what you often get as wasabi is actually something else entirely.

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