can you reuse charcoal

Can You Reuse Charcoal?

Charcoal is the best fuel for grilling if you want your food to taste grilled, not merely baked. The charcoal used for cooking consists mostly of carbon. It is made from wood that has been burned for a long time to get rid of moisture, tar, and other constituents. The result is a fuel that can burn hot and even while also giving a smoky flavor to food, which is why charcoal perfect for grilling. Another benefit of charcoal over other fuel types is that it can be reused.

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Too Much Chili Powder

Too Much Chili Powder? Tips To Mellow The Heat

Chili powder is a spice mix that includes many of the spices found throughout Latin American cooking. Most chili powder blends will include ancho chili powder along with cumin and oregano. Individual blends may include other spices like garlic, paprika and cayenne. Chili powder blends are widely used in Latin American cooking. For example, it is used to season beef for tacos and enchiladas. In Tex-Mex cooking, chili powder is a staple ingredient in chili con carne. It is a fairly potent spice mix, which means that it is easy to put too much of it into a dish by accident. If you have been overzealous with your use of chili powder, you may wind up with food that is too spicy to eat. There are several ways to solve that problem without having start over from scratch.

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Horseradish Sauce

Does Horseradish Go Bad? Freshness Guidelines And Storage Tips

Many people have a bottle of horseradish that has been in the back of their fridge since time immemorial. But just how long does this pungent, spicy condiment last? Does horseradish go bad? Or does it – like hot sauces – last a long time? For freshness guidelines and proper storage techniques for prepared horseradish, fresh horseradish root, and homemade horseradish sauce, read on.

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Five Of The Best Steaks To Grill

Nothing beats the smell of charred meat on a beautiful day.

Whether you are entertaining or just want a special treat, it’s always a good idea to fire up the barbecue. Steaks are an all time favorite, but not all cuts of meat grill the same. Here are the five best steaks to grill to get the absolute best flavors out of your grilled meat.

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