BBQ in winter

BBQ In Winter? Tips For Cold Weather Grilling

Winter grilling and barbecuing is almost always feasible no matter how cold it gets. There is absolutely no reason to put your griller or smoker away just because the temperature starts to fall a little. All that said, cold weather grilling and smoking are not the same as they would be in warm weather. The … Read more

liquid smoke ingredients

Liquid Smoke Ingredients: What’s Behind The Flavor?

Smoking started out as a way to preserve meat out of necessity rather than because people liked the taste, but people did eventually grow to like the smoke flavor. As a result, we continue to smoke food even though most of us have refrigeration readily available. Liquid smoke meets the need for smoke flavor and has the benefit of providing that flavor without the hassle of actually cooking over an open flame.

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Most Tender Cut of Beef

Which Is The Most Tender Cut Of Beef? Your Top Options

Knowing which steaks are the most tender is key to choosing the most enjoyable cut since tenderness is arguably the most important factor in steak enjoyment. Of course, you will also have to weigh a number of other factors like cost and ease of cooking. Below is a look at the most tender steak cuts available with a little intel into why each is perfect for your plate.

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Spicy Food Tolerance

Simple Ways To Amp Up Your Spicy Food Tolerance

Spicy foods are often an acquired taste. Whether it’s a spicy Indian curry or habanero peppers featured in a Mexican dish, heat can keep people from trying new foods they may otherwise really enjoy. The good news is you can train yourself to feel that burn and actually relish, not run from, the sensation. Here, find easy ways to step outside your comfort zone and build up your spicy food tolerance.

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