What Are The Best Vegetables To Grill? These Five

Grilling is not just about meat. Of course, meat is usually the star of the show but it can sometimes be made to share the stage with other grill-worthy foods. Grilled vegetables can be a tasty and healthy addition to a barbecue-focused meal. Of course, not all vegetables are suitable the grill. The options below are some of the best vegetables for grilling. They are both easy to grill and will provide mouth-watering results.


Arguably the most popular vegetable for grilling, corn is both tasty and easy to cook over an open flame. Simply remove the husks and silk, then coat the ears with your preferred seasonings. Place the corn on the grill for about 20 minutes. Keep the lid down and turn the ears about once every 5 minutes. Serve with plain butter or a compound butter. Some methods involve leaving the husks and silk on the ears and then removing them once the corn is cooked. Corn has the advantage of remaining firm as it cooks, which makes it easy to move around on the grill.


Asparagus is a versatile vegetable that works alongside a variety of other foods. It is not just flavorful, it is also easy to grill as well. Asparagus stalks can have a tough texture, but you can change that by marinating them before placing them on the grill. Brushing asparagus with olive oil just before grilling it can also be beneficial. One popular way to add even more flavor to asparagus is to toss the stalks with lemon juice and salt before serving. Be forewarned that asparagus becomes more tender as it cooks, which can make it more difficult to handle. Thinner stems can fall through grill grates and burn. In order to grill without having to worry about this, consider investing in a grilling basket or similar cooking implement.

Bell peppers

While technically a fruit, bell peppers are treated like a vegetable and have an honored place among vegetables for the grill. For example, bell peppers have long been one of the popular additions to kabobs. Also, peppers roasted over an open flame are great in salsas and stuffed-pepper dishes. Roasting enhances the pepper’s sweetness and adds complex notes to an already flavorful item.


Zucchini is an example of a vegetable that is not particularly interesting off the grill, but that really comes to life with some time over an open flame. Grilling can turn this bland, watery gourd into a flavorful treat that can be served with alongside a variety of meat dishes. Of course, you will have to take the time to prepare your zucchini properly. Like asparagus, marinating it can make a big difference. Garlic and olive oil provide two of the best flavors that go along with grilled zucchini.


Potatoes are incredibly versatile and also incredibly easy to grill. Consider them cooking them whole from the raw state only if you intend to start grilling well before the meal is to be served. If you want them to cook in less time, your options are to microwave them for about three minutes or drop them in boiling water for about 10 minutes. You can then serve them just as you would baked potatoes. If you are really pressed for time, slice your potatoes and coat them with oil before grilling.